I’m an experience designer focused at the intersection of strategy and social impact.

That same collaboration applies to my day to day where I work with diverse teams to tackle complex problems and transform digital products. Currently at Slalom Build, I’ve led teams on Hackathons and projects ranging from immigration to the environment.


As a designer I see myself as a connector, driven by my curiosity to understand other people’s experiences and motivations. I first realized this as an intern at NPR where with dozens of other aspiring photographers, journalists, and developers, we produced Intern Edition, our own multi-media radio show. I saw the amazing impact a small group of people could have when their ideas came together, and I was hooked.

Over the years I’ve grown my experience from designing at agencies to collaborating with startups and most recently working as an XD consultant. Through all these experiences my desire to connect different points of view and collaborate with mission-based organizations has continued to be a driving force in my work.